About School Counseling

What is a school counselor?

School counselors are people you can turn to when you need help. They are good listeners, and they want to help you get the most out of school. School counselors help students handle all types of problems.

For example, they can help if you are:

    •  Being bullied at school

    •  Struggling in math

    •  Being new to the school

    •  Having issues with friends

    •  Feeling upset about family issues

    •  Having trouble concentrating on homework

    •  Having friendship troubles

    •  Feeling nervous about what to expect next year at middle school

If you’re going through any type of problem, a great person to share your thoughts and feelings with is your school counselor.

How do I meet my school counselor?

It’s a good idea to know the school counselor, even if you don’t need any help right now.


Some school counselors visit the classroom to teach lessons about feelings, study skills, friendship skills, standing up for yourself, or dealing with bullying.

Students can also meet privately with their school counselor in the counselor’s office. Some counselors have special group meetings for kids who are all dealing with the same issue — such as divorce in their family, or a loved one who died.


If you want to talk privately with your counselor, ask your teacher, your parent, or someone who works in the school office.

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